Western Power Cepu Agreement

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Under the Fair Work Act 2009, the longest period during which arrears can be claimed under company or partnership agreements is six years before the arrears claim is claimed. 16(e)(f)(g)(h)(i) If an employee leaves an AF, the employee`s salary and terms and conditions of employment are set out in this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed. The FA shall prevail over this Agreement to the extent that there are any inconsistencies. The compensation payable to an employee under a FA will be complete and will indemnify the employee for any indemnities or penalties payable under this Agreement, Western Power shall have the right to set off such right against any claim under the FA that is in addition to the minimum payments to which the employee would be entitled under this Agreement. In the case of an employee under the age of 18, the worker must also have the CEW signed by a parent or legal guardian. Western Power must ensure that the terms of the IA relate to matters authorized under section 172 of the Fair Work Act 2009 and that there are no illegal provisions in section 197 of the Fair Work Act Western Power must ensure that the employee receives a signed copy of the FA within 14 days of the agreement. 19. Resignation 19.1 Western Power may dismiss without pay any employee who cannot be significantly employed due to: strike, prohibition, restriction or restriction of the performance of work by employees or any union, association or organization; Any work stoppage for which the employer cannot reasonably be held liable If Western Power requires an employee to remain at work during this period, the employee will be paid. 20.

Western Power Retirement Pension contributes to the retirement pension of employees in accordance with the fund selection requirements under the Pension Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 and the Superannuation (Choice of Retirement Fund) Statute Law Amendment Act, 2004, as amended or modified from time to time. During the term of this agreement, the following minimum contributions to the employer`s pension insurance shall apply: – 1. July 2014: 9.5% – July 1, 2015: 10.0% – July 1, 2016: 10.5% – July 1, 2017: 11.0% For employees who are and wish to remain members of the Government Employees` Pension Board`s Goldstate Fund, Western Power will continue to pay only the employer contribution required by that fund. Page 16 20 (i) (ii) (iii) If they take long-term leave, halve their entitlements and receive double the payment they would normally have received. .

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