Virtual Respect Agreement

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You can also create a class movie in Google Slides with “Learn” questions and a space for each student to upload photos or images that show up themselves or what they like. These images are a good way to connect in your virtual classroom community, as students identify with their colleagues` visuals. It`s really tempting to push a curriculum strategy without worrying about culture in any school, but integrating your cultural strategy into your virtual curriculum is the key to creating a true learning community. I`ve been able to use Breakout Room in video applications to allow small groups to track discussion or text analysis logs together. Assign roles such as protocol monitor, time controllers and note takers for the group`s shared document. Each student is responsible for contributing to the work – he builds respect for each other by listening and responding with the community agreements that guide him. This simple strategy is also responsible through the roles that students play and the expectation that everyone contributes to it. Develop a class building contract to create a community of mutual respect and inclusion. Ask students to collaborate in the breakage groups to generate standards ideas or “expectations” for the class contract.

Students should share their responses to the scenarios with their groups and decide together on the common themes that are part of their responses. Based on their discussion, students should create a Venn diagram or a three-column Google Doc or Padlet with ideas of class standards specifically for distance learning on the one hand, ideas specific to human learning on the other side and ideas that apply to both in the middle. We suggest keeping each list short (for example. B three to five elements per section of the Venn diagram) so that standards can be easily recorded. Students can work together personally or work virtually on a document. When students work together personally, you should designate one note taker per group so that ideas are written in a Venn diagram on a sheet of graphic paper to make it easier for students to keep physical distance from their classmates. When teachers return to school, whether they are personal, online or a hybrid model, promoting a safe, respectful and inclusive classroom is more important than ever. How do safe and inclusive teaching practices apply to digital spaces and what can educators do to set and implement these standards throughout the year? Just as you create safe, respectful and fair physical classrooms, many of us learn how to put these best practices online. Our list of proposed strategies is long.

That`s why our first board, with the selection of one or two points, is most relevant to your hiring and teaching goals. If you need to provide a number of agreements to students for time reasons, you should think about them in a consistent way. Common agreements are important because they help students trust each other. Responsibility can be the most difficult and important aspect of a virtual classroom. Students have to juggle a lot when they work from home, and they can help them develop basic time management and adaptation skills. Community agreements play a role in that students often enter into one or two agreements on current events and the full present.

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