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“We welcome the fact that the AEU executive voted unanimously in favour of the government`s approval of its members` revised offer to vote,” Lucas said. “This is a positive step forward and the government hopes this will lead to a reasonable solution to our enterprise negotiations negotiations, which include exceptionally fair and reasonable wage increases, and also provides more support and support to teachers in the classroom. The AEU will hold a vote of its members by the end of next week. If the offer is supported, the next step will be to hold a vote on all 28,000 teachers, headteachers and state leaders in the first week of the first half of 2020. If employees vote in favour of the offer, the agreement will be formalized. Salary increases of 2.35% per year for teachers and 3.35% for principals and principals of the nursery school, salary increases until May 2022. After nine months of negotiations with the government, union president Howard Spreadbury said the agreement was an asset for both teachers and students. The government has increased its offer of a “complexity premium” for schools by $3 million per year, from $12 million to $15 million. Each school receives funding to help teachers cope with their workload with students with complex needs, for example through the recruitment of additional teachers or assistants and the costs of expert assistance. On average, schools receive $29,469 per year (and up to $158,914 per year), with schools deciding on their funding. Marshall`s Liberal government welcomed a decision by the Board of Directors of the Australian Education Union to unanimously approve the government`s offer of an agreement between the companies, which must be part of teachers, principals and preschool principals for their members` vote, which I hope will settle the long-running wage dispute. “These are much-needed investments to help executives, teachers and support staff provide quality public education,” he said. The government`s initial offer in June of this year included 1.0% of the first 2.35% increase for teachers, which dates back to October 2018.

This revised offer brings the amount of the first salary increase to 1.35%, which dates back to October 2018. Spreadbury said the enterprise agreement would also help retain and attract teachers. Union members voted in favour of a new three-year agreement that gives more pay and resources to public teachers in school and preschool, according to the Australian Education Union (SA). In return, there will be greater flexibility in human resource management and some more reasonable rules for the teacher allocation system in rural schools. “If they have teachers who are less burdened with the workload, they will have more time to prepare, especially for students with additional needs,” Spreadbury said. “By improving wages and conditions in this agreement, we are confident that we can do so.” As part of the agreement, teachers will benefit from a two-and-a-half per cent pay increase and new measures will be put in place to ease the administrative burden on school leaders and headteachers. “And writing an individual plan and adapting the program is always good for the students.” “We must continue to attract the best and brightest in career training and encourage them to become the leaders of the future.

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