Patent License Agreement Database

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Our database contains data from a wide range of patent licensing agreements. As such, you can find third-party data relevant to the specific circumstances of your product. 3. COMPENSATION A. In return for the licences granted in pending and during the initial term of the contract and for each extended period, the software licensee agrees to pay the licensee a non-refundable annual fee equal to [the amount] UNITED STATES DOLLAR (the “licence fee”), the first fee to be paid on the effective date of this contract and subsequent fees to be paid on the anniversary of this contract. For Dominic, I have to agree with Sara – an order and a license are two different things. I think it is very important that we all have a good understanding of the differences. Knowing the differences can, in my opinion, help us improve our work and better train our clients. For all entrepreneurs, those who can consolidate all licensing contracts into a complete database get a lot of business!!! Our patent licensing rate database is an invaluable resource for anyone who needs data on patent licenses and third-party licenses. Just share your research criteria with us and we will prepare a tailored report on the relevant patent licensing agreements, which highlights royalties and other key factors. To follow Edlyn`s comment (even in the absence of a lawyer`s comment), I would like to add that another source of SPECIALY licensing activity, if they are public parties, concerns EDGAR (of the SEC).

As Edlyn mentioned, any activities that could affect a business balance sheet (b/s) would be notified to the SEC, since the patents are assets. This reminds me of the problem that database providers have had in the past when they have been informing of patent litigation in district courts – they have had to go to each court to get the information because there is no central litigation registry. Once you`ve found a manufacturer that meets your specifications, it`s time to get the next thing on your shopping list: an intellectual property lawyer.

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