How Does The Good Friday Agreement Safeguard Human Rights And Equality

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He added: “We will continue to help the British and Irish governments go through this process, because we want the best agreement on human rights for all in Northern Ireland in the future.” The process is likely to enter a new phase, which will lead to referendums on the constitutional future. These are three themes: first, the conduct of the conversation; second, what the agreement tells us; And third, what it means especially for rights. The UK`s withdrawal from the EU threatens equal rights on the island of Ireland protected by the Good Friday agreement, he warned. – Ensuring equal citizenship in Northern Ireland. We call on the UK Government to make all necessary and proportionate amendments to the bill to ensure that this obligation, and the rights and remedies available to individuals with respect to this obligation, are not compromised.¬†Emily Logan, Chief Commissioner of the Irish Commission on Human Rights and Equal Opportunity, said: “The peace process was based on a common vision of equal rights and respect on the island of Ireland, as provided for in the Belfast Agreement. – guarantee the north-south equivalence of rights on an ongoing basis – ensure that rights are not compromised under the withdrawal agreement. Third, what does this mean in particular for rights? One of the reasons we are in the current mess is that the rights-based approach to the agreement has not been implemented. There is no bill, no bill of rights for the island, the N. Ireland Human Rights Commission is subject to financial burden, equality and social justice have not been met, threats against the Human Rights Act 1998 continue and there is the issue of Brexit. The nature of the future proposed relationship between the UK and the EU is worrisome: a small area of risk deregulated by the state for socio-economic rights, with Brexit itself at the heart of the values underlying the peace process. – Do not water down the rules of justice. 4.

The new Commission on Human Rights of Northern Ireland (see paragraph 5 below) is invited to consult and advise on the implementation of legislation in Westminster of complementary rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, in order to take into account the particular circumstances of Northern Ireland, taking into account, if any, , international instruments and experiences.

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