Furnished Finder Lease Agreement

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From a logistical point of view, swapping out is quite simple, because almost everything is equal to an AirBNB. The only difference in the units is that we remove most of the sheets and consumables, because the expectation is that the nurses will bring these items. We also sign you a rental agreement and send payments via PayPal and a 50% down payment, but I think you could set it up as you wish. If you are a landlord who wants to know the request for nearby travel nurse apartments before listing your furnished property, we immediately provide you with a perspective of live and achievable travel nurse tenants for your city. As a result, the furnished discoverer`s income has not had much impact, as medical staff perform their duties. In addition, these differences exist in both platforms; Furnished Finder is, with its sister site Travel Nurse Housing, the largest residential complex dedicated to the traveling healthcare industry. Our travel professionals who use us usually have orders from 13 weeks to 26 weeks and use our card to find cheap and short-term accommodations. If you think your property meets these criteria and you want to attract more nurses and travel doctors, then we need to talk. Fill out the form below and one of our real estate coordinators will be in touch soon. The best fact about the furnished discoverer is that they charge nothing in terms of transaction or booking fees. In particular, all rental agreements and payment recoveries are exclusively between the traveller and the lessor. Therefore, you can choose the method to pay your fees. The furnished research platform serves as an organizing space for property owners or managers advertising on the furnished search platform (each a “owner” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ) the opportunity to offer the rental to potential tenants (each a “traveller” and with the owners` owners, the “users”), a certain short-term rental property (“Property”).

Furnished Finder does not own or manage any real estate on the De Vacations Finder platform, does not enter into leases or other transactions with property owners and travellers, is not a party to a rental agreement or other transaction between users, and does not offer insurance related to a transaction. Furnished Finder asks all users to be responsible for the use of the Finder furniture platform and for any transactions made either by listing a property or by renting a property.

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