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One day, Nuria, Claudia and I, who visited together in Salzburg, got together and spent the whole afternoon filling out many papers, including the famous Learning Agreement, choosing the courses and making the right changes until we got the necessary means: a long-term job, because before choosing our courses, we had to analyze what they were talking about so as not to go on the wrong adventure and get it wrong. But after an afternoon of work, we finally managed to complete the LA! Tags: Non-erasmus learning agreement non-erasmus As you all know, one of the most complicated aspects for anyone who goes to Erasmus, the famous Learning Agreement or the equivalency treaty. Yes, this famous contract that drives us all crazy and is worth more than headaches, because it is far from easy to achieve. Congratulations! They were selected for international mobility at the Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg. You must now complete your Learning Agreement, one of the most important documents in your application file. This guide will help you fill it out properly. With regard to mobility to internships, the pedagogical contract must define how the internship is recognised, depending on what applies to the student`s diploma, a voluntary internship (not compulsory for the diploma) or an internship carried out by a young graduate. See the guidelines below. The pedagogical contract must indicate all the learning gains that the student must receive during the exchange.

The pedagogical contract defines courses of study and/or internships abroad. It must be approved by the student, by the sending and reception centres and by the organisation or company concerned before the start of the exchanges. As far as my Learning Agreement is concerned, the courses I will take there are very varied, as I will take the international program for Erasmus students and a few other courses I have chosen such as English, sport, nutrition or music.

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