Chase Online Services Agreement

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1.3 The terminology and functionality of the applications provided by Chase Connect and the Service can be based on the number described in the legal documents that regulate the customer`s accounts (the “account documents”), including, but not limited, cutoff hours, delivery by date, “limits” (defined in Section 1.5) and other service functions. Section 11 refers to a description of service charges from the effective date, (ii) to information on the statement website or any other means within the service, and (iii) to user manuals and reference documents available within the service or otherwise distributed by the Bank within the service for more details on services. , applications, conditions, conditions and service restrictions. This agreement is completed (the account documents and legal agreements that govern the Chase Connect service. In the event of a service dispute, this agreement prevails over the terms of the web pages within the service, as well as the account documents and agreement (s) that governs the Chase Connect service. The customer is responsible for following all of the bank`s instructions regarding the service and applications and other functions of the bank, including the bank`s online instructions that are presented within the Service. Customers can also contact the bank to ask questions or obtain additional information by sending the bank a “SMC message” (defined in Section 8) or via the Chase Connect Service Center at 1-877-226-0071, but clients of the government, health, university and non-recipient bank should call 1-855-893-2223 (or other numbers that the bank may indicate). All phone calls can be recorded by the bank. 4.1.1 “Bill Indexing and Document Management” allows invoices, invoices and other bank statements from customer sellers (“Bills”) to be downloaded into the customer`s “inbox” on the service, received online or by email, which are assigned to the customer. The bank is not responsible for invoices that are misdirected or not received within the service and published in the customer`s inbox. Customers should check their inbox regularly. The customer must define each inbox item as a new or existing invoice or other document, and entry details may need the service (“billing details”).

Such entry and billing details can be made available to the customer if the customer chooses the automatic entry service (described in Section 4.1.4). This agreement will enter into effect on the date the Seller approves it (through the electronic adoption of this Agreement or by other means) and will be continued as long as the Seller uses the Square Service or until it is terminated by the Seller or Paymentech. This agreement automatically ends with the termination or expiry of your seller`s contract. This agreement may be terminated by Paymentech at any time due to a violation of any of the Seller`s obligations under this Agreement or The Seller`s Agreement or the termination of the payment processing relationship between Square and Paymentech.

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