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This sales agency agreement is concluded as of [the agreement. Date] between the following companies, collectively known as “parties,” and considered effective: the distribution agency cannot in any way provide misleading or false information about the products or companies contained in this sales agency agreement. This agreement and its entirety constitute the whole agreement between the parties. This agreement replaces all previous written or written agreements between the parties. PandaTip: Since the distribution agency has the right to sell only the products listed in a given region, it is important to clearly define that region. Use the text field of the model below to list the specific areas in which such sales can be made. Both parties agree not to transfer this agreement or the obligations associated with this agreement without prior written agreement. All legal actions concerning this sales agency agreement will be executed in [Company.State], in addition, both parties agree to seek mediation before taking legal action. If the agent does not achieve a goal, a supplier may take measures such as: The distribution agency will be allowed to use the products in accordance with this agreement and after termination, all acquired rights will be abandoned.

You can also terminate this agreement by sending a written termination to the agent. In this document, you can indicate the notice period. It should be noted that the 1993 Trade Agents Regulations create certain obligations and rights for those defined in the regulations as trade agents in their respective EU countries. If the intention is that the parties will not have a relationship covered by these regulations, this document should not be used. High value information cannot be disclosed to third parties for the duration of this sales agency agreement. Yes, in this agreement, you can set minimum revenue targets. The Legal Pack is designed as a “box solution” for all essential requirements. You no longer need to spend money on legal preparations (unless you need some modifications or additional contributions from lawyers) and you can use the contract template for the purchase agent as often as you like.

It gives you great peace of mind. As a salesperson, you have a number of rights under the CE Commercial Agents Regulations (CAR). What for? Outlets do not have normal “employment rights” because they are not directly employed (they are self-employed). As a result, car agents offer safety and stability in their profession. However, if you allow the client to agree to the agency agreement, it may limit your security and rights.

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