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Der “TubeMate YouTube Downloader” lässt Sie YouTube-Videos von jedem Android-Gerät herunterladen. Mit dem “TubeMate YouTube Downloader” laden Sie YouTube-Videos auf Ihr Smartphone. Nun ist parallel zur alten Version… The video chat POSTIDENT process allows your customers to verify their identities online via their computer or app quickly and easily with a call centre agent. This process is compliant with the Money Laundering Act. Kostenloses Programm zur kabellosen Übertragung mobiler Daten Always a long waitong time.. and when it is connected to person.. They disconnect it… I tried 4 times and result was same.. Input personal data and select the identity document to be provided Bei anderen Anbietern braucht man keine app zur identifizierung. Da die Website leider nicht geklappt hat, also der Versuch mit der App (warum geht der mobile Browser nicht!?) nach 30 min Warteschleife dann der Hinweis: “ich kann sie nicht sehen. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Bei erneuter Einwahl steht man wieder in der Schlange.

Echter Service so was. Our Video-Ident procedure is secure and meets the legal requirements for identify verification. It takes just three easy steps that can be completed in no more than five minutes: They can only connect over mobile data, which nobody tells you beforehand, and if the call breaks off, you have to restart and wait again. Incompetent! Haben Sie POSTIDENT ausprobiert? Seien Sie der Erste, der Ihre Meinung hinterlässt! Android Geräte-Manager: Die kostenlose App für verlorene Android-Geräte So I try to authenticate online, the connection isn`t so great and the woman hangs up on me so I switch to the app. The app cuts out halfway through, so I switch back to the web identification and get the same woman as before. She gets incredibly angry and frustrated without even explaining what`s wrong, accuses me of not speaking English and says incredibly racist things like “Do I look like I`m speaking Chinese?” (mind you, she KNOWS that I`m a US citizen) before rudely snapping that my camera isn`t good enough for her to take pictures (something that wasn`t explained before she hung up on me last time). Then she hangs up on me again. A woman like that doesn`t deserve a position talking to people for a living.

Kostenlose POSTIDENT-App ermöglicht flexible, sichere und rechtsgültige Video-Identifizierung From all the ID experiences I had before through smartphone apps this one was by far the worst. Very rude person keeps telling me over and over again to hold my ID into the camera the front side, the backside, the front side, the backside, the front side, in front of my face, clean dust from the card, go away from the window, go into the kitchen under the exhaust hood. I have a new German ID, so there were really good to read and using a new iPhone camera. And after going through all this stuff taking all the data and photo, she asked me about my age. What if you are so nervous that you get it wrong? Will the whole process be canceled? Ridiculous. Miserable Ton- und Bildqualität. Stürzt mittendrin ab. Über die kostenlose Android-App Postident können Sie sich für verschiedene Dienstleistungen schnell und einfach online verifizieren.

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